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Reference Guide: "Accelerating Drug Discovery for Alzheimer’s Disease: Best Practices for Preclinical Animal Studies"


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As a leading provider of Discovery Research Services and models for all major central nervous system (CNS) diseases, Charles River (Booth #2321) is pleased to be participating in the Society for Neuroscience 2012 Annual Meeting. Our participation and scientific presence covers the program’s primary themes, including targeting CNS disorders, neural excitability synapses and cellular mechanisms, cognition/behavior, and sensory and motor systems.

Demonstrating the in-depth expertise of our CNS disease treatment research, Charles River scientists will present posters covering the latest discovery research targeting Huntington’s disease, brain inflammation, Alzheimer’s disease, cognitive decline and neurodegeneration. Stop by our booth, #2321, for presentation schedules and poster reprints.

We are hosting a scientific workshop luncheon on Monday, October 15, titled “A Novel Mouse for Studying Alzheimer’s Disease – the CVN,” with guest speaker Professor Carol Colton from Duke University. This model can be used to investigate amyloid beta-based therapies as well as tau, inflammation, symptomatic changes and CBF-related approaches. We will cover how CVN Alzheimer’s mice better reflect the cascade of disease in humans due to the fact that they address early amyloid deposition and inflammation through to later-staged hyperphosphorylated and aggregated native tau pathology.

Charles River offers a wide range of services supported by our scientific depth, unique technical capabilities, and drug development experience in all of the major neurodegenerative diseases and neurological indications, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and stroke.

We hope to meet you there!